Quarriers - Pledge

Health and social care charity Quarriers is committed to trauma-conscious practice. Our aspiration is that all staff have understanding of trauma, and we recognise and value the contribution of people with lived experience. There are current members of staff who initially came to Quarriers for support and now bring invaluable insight to their roles. Quarriers shows leadership through partnership working and sharing information and learning both within and outwith the organisation. We do not shy away from raising our head above the parapet and will readily own up to our limitations. Being open about our experience can help to set in motion a sector-wide conversation about the impact of trauma on service users and staff, as well as reducing stigma and improving services and learning. We have an organisation-wide commitment to continuing professional development, and expect all members of staff to develop their skills, practice and understanding. Our support plans focus on understanding the impact that trauma can have on an individual’s behaviour, and we seek out the most up-to-date external training and guidance on trauma-conscious practice. We pledge to develop organisation-wide trauma consciousness, and commit to discussing trauma at early stages of recruitment: we believe knowledge of trauma is as fundamental as understanding of child and adult protection legislation. Quarriers values and prioritises staff wellbeing. Our Employee Assistance Programme is available to all staff, and specialist support can be accessed through this if required. Continuous improvement is central to our organisational culture, as are honesty, transparency and learning. To grow knowledge throughout our workforce, we are working to ensure that trauma consciousness underpins all our policies and procedures. We are currently conducting a needs analysis across all our services to develop our trauma-conscious framework and ensure we provide the highest quality services for the people we support.