The Scottish Government is committed to working with partners to facilitate a trauma-informed and trauma-responsive workforce and services across Scotland to support anyone affected by psychological trauma. Since 2018, we have invested over £1.5 million in the National Trauma Training Programme, led by NHS Education for Scotland and informed by experts by experience. Our 2020-21 Programme for Government committed to extend the Programme for a further two years (to 2023).

The National Trauma Training Programme is part of our work ( to support prevention of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and trauma across the life-course; and to develop trauma-informed responses to support children, young people and adults affected by adversity and trauma.

The Scottish Government’s organisational priority at present continues to be preventing the morbidity and mortality caused by Covid-19 – itself a source of significant harm and suffering. Recognising the increased risk of psychological trauma as a result of the current pandemic, we will continue to ensure that the culture and ethos of the Scottish Government is one that places health and wellbeing as a priority and encourages a culture of compassion, kindness and respect.

We will share the National Trauma Training Programme resources as part of learning and development opportunities for Scottish Government staff over the course of 2021.